Where is Blockchain Technology Applicable?

Let's look at a few sectors blockchain technology is affecting.


  1. It helps ensure data security by storing an irreversible, single version of the real information, which can be used to confirm patient and employee health status.
  2. Pharmaceutical products can be recorded on a blockchain as they move through the supply chain. This means that an item can be traced back to its source or receiver. Which aids in the reduction of counterfeiting.


  1. When people vote online without exposing their identities, blockchain technology can eliminate voter fraud since officials can count votes with absolute accuracy, knowing that each ID can only be linked to one vote
  2. Another benefit is in taxes, blockchain technology can make it easier to enable quick tax payments, lower tax fraud rates, and have faster, easier audits.

Banking and finance

  1. Bank guarantees and letters of credit can now be monitored and managed in real-time by many parties using blockchain technology.
  2. It also helps fast settlement, which is the real-time, point-to-point transfer of funds between financial institutions, reducing friction and speeding up the settlement process.

Media and entertainment

Real Estate

  • Using blockchain technology can speed up transactions by reducing the need for paper-based record keeping.
  • It can also assist in tracking, verifying ownership, ensuring document accuracy, and transferring deeds of a property
  • Ubitquity is a blockchain-secured platform for real estate record-keeping that replaces conventional paper-based solutions.

Remember, the future of blockchain technology is here to stay and its impact on the world will continue to grow as the technology also grows.



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