My Bitcoin Story: How to Commence Your Crypto Journey At No Cost

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5 min readApr 15, 2022


‘Get rich quick schemes have been overly described as dangerous with every potential to end in ‘premium tears’, however, it might as well be a proven fact that Nigerians still harbor silent desires to experience it for themselves, even after the outcome is almost predictable. I tried researching the reason(s) for this. See what I discovered.

Yes, we all seem to always weigh the possibilities of ‘what if I invest this and get 5 times my capital in 5 minutes?’ Well, I’ve experienced too much to let you in on my professional opinion for free — it’ll all end in tears.

The commonest negative implications of these experiences, especially when it becomes habitual like mine, is that we unknowingly build a barricade around every slight appearance of online money-making platforms for obvious reasons — premium tears. This seeming wariness around anything online persisted till a friend introduced me to cryptocurrencies. Will this be another avenue for my usual experience with anything online? Well, don’t conclude on me just yet.

Flashing back to 2018, there were lots of controversial comments on Bitcoin as it was commonly perpetrated as a ruse by a good percentage of Nigerians who knew nothing about how it worked. The tension was high but I decided to give it a try. At long last, my last chance to do ‘anything online’ paid off big time!

I commenced my crypto Journey with an initial capital of NGN10,000 (Ten thousand Naira) after purchasing some really few Bitcoins. Today, the story is quite different, all thanks to patience and consistency. If I were to summarize this process by a step by step analysis, the following may suffice:

  • I first learned about the blockchain industry and how it worked;
  • Bits about what exactly moves bitcoin’s price;
  • Picked a bitcoin trading style and strategy since crypto trading among lucrative aspects of cryptocurrencies was an aspect I was avidly interested in;
  • Learn the intricacies of trading such as your stops and limits: open and monitor trade alongside closing positions to take a profit or cut a loss.

Without intentions to bore you with this process which took a while, I’m sure you’d have been eager as to whether or not everyone must necessarily go through these processes as I did.

Well, the truth is, you don’t have to. Are you that eager to begin your crypto journey? You can begin at this moment. Follow me on this journey.

Commencing Your Crypto Journey With Afridex

Here’s a shocking discovery I made — Commencing your crypto journey may not necessarily be by purchasing bitcoin-like I did. Seeing the growing trend of cryptocurrencies, there are now ways around building a crypto portfolio with a zero account balance. Ownership of tokens can now act as a step to this new venture. Guess what, these tokens can be acquired at no cost at Afridex!

What Exactly Are Tokens in the Crypto World?

Tokens are virtual currencies that are tradable and fungible (able to be substituted for something of equal value). Think of tokens like shares in a company as they represent assets in a blockchain project.

The advantages of holding these tokens are numerous. However, without boring you with so many details, let’s engage your wings of imagination.

Now, imagine owning tokens for free with a current value of $0.45, seeing that same has not been listed. The same number of tokens owned by you will invariably increase in value when they are listed on an exchange thereby emphasizing the advantages of purchasing tokens at Pre-ICO prices. Yes, holders can get extraordinarily high percentage profits when these tokens are listed and eventually exchanged.

This method of acquiring tokens before listing at relatively low prices is usually referred to as the backend method. This method has opened many newer horizons of wealth acquisition with little or no capital. This and more is what Afridex is offering.

We have developed a strategy around recruiting sign-ups via a manual giveaway technique whereby you get 50 $AFDT tokens for every person you refer. Persons referred will also be entitled to 50 $AFDT tokens in this regard. All your referrals have to do is sign up to receive these free tokens. The more sign-ups you refer to, the more tokens you’re entitled to.

The $AFDT token is the governance token of the Afridex Model. As such, you stand the opportunity to become an early holder of this coin which automatically qualifies you to obtain numerous benefits which will stem from having discounts in transaction charges and also affording you voting rights to partake in decisions affecting our eco-system.

Sign up here, generate wallet addresses, and forward them to our telegram Community here to submit wallet addresses for distribution.

You can also buy the $AFDT here.

If you don’t have an account with Afridex, here’s how to sign up:

Click here to successfully sign up.

  1. Enter your email and password.
  2. A verification code (OTP) will be sent to the email you signed up with.
  3. If you use Gmail, check your promotions for the OTP.
  4. Paste the OTP on the space for it on the website, and your account is ready.

How to Generate your $AFDT Wallet Address.

  1. Sign up or sign in here and click the ‘menu’ button
  2. Click ‘Buy Crypto’ and tap the icon at the top right corner of your device
  3. Tap ‘Funds’ and click on ‘Deposit/Withdraw’
  4. Change the drop-down icon usually showing ‘ BTC’ to ‘ $AFDT’
  5. Copy $AFDT’ address

If you feel stuck or unsure while carrying out these processes, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support via our live chat on our website.

As you commence your journey today, we’re rooting for you!



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