My Bitcoin Story: How to Commence Your Crypto Journey At No Cost

  • I first learned about the blockchain industry and how it worked;
  • Bits about what exactly moves bitcoin’s price;
  • Picked a bitcoin trading style and strategy since crypto trading among lucrative aspects of cryptocurrencies was an aspect I was avidly interested in;
  • Learn the intricacies of trading such as your stops and limits: open and monitor trade alongside closing positions to take a profit or cut a loss.
  1. Enter your email and password.
  2. A verification code (OTP) will be sent to the email you signed up with.
  3. If you use Gmail, check your promotions for the OTP.
  4. Paste the OTP on the space for it on the website, and your account is ready.
  1. Sign up or sign in here and click the ‘menu’ button
  2. Click ‘Buy Crypto’ and tap the icon at the top right corner of your device
  3. Tap ‘Funds’ and click on ‘Deposit/Withdraw’
  4. Change the drop-down icon usually showing ‘ BTC’ to ‘ $AFDT’
  5. Copy $AFDT’ address



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AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

A Defi Blockchain Company, using decentralized solutions to revolutionize finance in Africa.