Crypto Investment Portfolio: To build or not to build?

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3 min readJan 17, 2022

The turbulence surrounding crypto adoption, especially in Africa, has over time, latched a controversial outlook to this area of digital investment. The volatility of the venture has gingered skepticism which has, in turn, informed a toll of discouragement in the minds of many. An appraisal of this situation often attributes the above perception of crypto to inadequate research or knowledge within this field of digital investment.

In global parlance, companies like Tesla, Microstrategy, Square, etc. have emerged among the most thriving companies of the century. Following the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency in mainstream culture, crypto entrepreneurs and billionaires have been named on the Forbes 2021 list of richest Americans. This feat and many more begs the question: what opportunities lay latent within the crypto space to beginners and crypto skeptics alike?

First off, a crypto portfolio is a software that manages a user’s inventory of online currency investments. It assists in tracking each coin’s performance and provides the user with analytical tools. Several crypto portfolio management systems provide live feeds and pricing updates from cryptocurrency exchanges. Building a crypto portfolio will entail venturing into the purchase of cryptocurrencies featuring bitcoins, altcoins, stable coins, and whatnot. However, before making investments in digital currencies, it’s the opinion of crypto experts that beginners should conduct excessive research conducted on choice coins of investment. The viability of this opinion is founded on the fact that proper prior research should also characterize other mainstream investments such as stocks and bonds. Hence, true to the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Building a crypto investment portfolio will feature the below-simplified steps:

  • Understand Crypto Investing Basics

The basics of investing in crypto share certain similarities with other mainstream investments, however, the difference of growth becomes apparent when one discovers how much easier crypto makes it to diversify, build, and maintain a thriving portfolio. A proper understanding of crypto as a digital currency that runs on the blockchain, among other fundamental aspects of crypto is recommended. Personal research, online courses, crypto media publications, etc. will greatly assist in forming basic knowledge within the field.

  • Explore Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

As an offshoot of the above, various cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin, Altcoins, Defi Coins, Stable Coins to Meme Coins, etc are in existence. These categories of crypto make for the 9,000+ cryptocurrencies in existence today. Exploring a carefully selected set of cryptos to add to one’s portfolio will be a function of carefully conducted research.

  • Make Choices of Crypto Assets based on Performance and Investment Horizon

After the choice of crypto has been made using trade volumes, market caps, and planned network upgrades as criteria for choice, one can venture into making seamless purchases on various Exchange Platforms. Traders can choose to HODL (a term used to connote holding crypto assets as opposed to selling). This can be beneficial on several platforms because it can allow traders to earn rewards on their investments.

  • Use an App to Store and Track Your Crypto Portfolio

Apps such as Blockfolio, Delta, or Coin Stats App can be used to track crypto portfolios.

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