Afridex P2P Platform: Our Input To The Story Of Financial Innovation

What is P2P?

Why the Adoption of P2P?

  1. No financial institution is needed to facilitate P2P transactions.
  2. P2P trades are complicated for regulatory bodies to trace. The sellers usually set up their accounts so that it’s hard to fish out.
  3. P2P can take place with trusted parties.

How to Get Started with P2P

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your email and password.

3. Once in, click on Menu.

4. Click on Buy Crypto

5. This is the P2P page. Next, click on the Menu icon.

6. The page below will open up. Click on Funds.

7. Click on Deposit/Withdraw. Here, you can fund your wallet with the local currency equivalent to the price of the coin you want to buy.

8. Afterwards, go to the P2P page as shown previously. Click on the “Buy/Sell” option and carry out your transactions to your preference.

Why the Afridex P2P Platform Creates Trust



Security Advice

  1. There will be occasions when a trader asks you to continue with the trade outside of the trading platform you will be using. The argument will be that doing so will save both of you money on fees. In most cases, this is a scammer trying to lure you away from the P2P platform.

If You Don’t Have an Account With Us

  1. Click here to register.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. A verification code (OTP) will be sent to the email you signed up with.
  4. If you use Gmail, check your promotions for the OTP.
  5. Paste the OTP on the space for it on the website, and your account is ready.



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