AFRIDEX Techlabs Limited to Launch an Exchange for Tokenizing Products & Startups.

AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd
2 min readAug 19, 2021

AFRIDEX, a blockchain company that develops solutions to address issues in the financial industry caused by faults in centralized institutions, will be launching an Exchange for tokenizing products and startups.

The AFRIDEX’s exchange will help organizations that must have gone through the process of verification and incubation to access start-up funding. This platform will support trading of high cap crypto tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to name a few amongst others with real use cases, strong communities, and offering great value to be on board in an unbiased system.

It is believed that this will provide crypto communities and venture capitalists alike with better opportunities to invest in products and startups while enjoying the added security of blockchain.

The Exchange will provide solutions to existing issues with CEXs and DEXs such as liquidity mismatch, poor security architecture, diversified portfolio options, high trading fees, and more while offering the best and easy user experience with top-notch customers support services. The AFRIDEX’s exchange will also allow peer-to-peer trading supporting currencies of countries soon to be announced.

AFRIDEX’s Exchange launchpad will allow start-ups to raise funds while offering their tokens which gives access to governance and effectively represent shares of the entity. The AFRIDEX’s Exchange will then list these tokens. A certain percentage of funds raised will be locked for initial liquidity after listing on the AFRIDEX exchange.

The AFRIDEX’s exchange will allow holders of the $AFDT tokens to enjoy reduced trading fees and enable participation in various launchpad projects.

AFRIDEX’s Exchange will also allow $AFDT holders to vote on tokens to be listed, strategic partnerships and to be involved in the decision-making process of the exchange.

You can participate in the ongoing ICO by visiting the website.

For more information about AFRIDEX, please refer to our whitepaper.



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