April 2021 witnessed the birth of the Afridex Project. Our journey to the Afridex dream was conceived from a crypto telegram Community group founded by Oluwatosin Gbenga.

Lit by a desire to deploy a community-based Exchange and proffer solutions to the practical challenges within the crypto industry, Afridex is set to defy the hydra-headed challenges facing tokenization and listing of Africa-based blockchain projects in global Exchange platforms with a view to providing a veritable platform where blockchain products and start-ups in Africa can easily be tokenized and listed.

The landmark in our journey to the Afridex dream attained fruition following the successful raise of $63,000 from members of the telegram community. The process proved to be exciting, so we continued.

After 6 months of working with our technical team and partners to deploy the Afridex Exchange, we surmounted impending challenges and are finally set to launch the Afridex Exchange, a one-stop tokenized Exchange for products and start-ups.


Afridex Exchange will emerge as the first in Africa to list the number of cryptocurrencies it currently has being Bitcoin, USDT, BNB & ETH. Possessing the capacity to list all ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, our market differentiation features include:

  • The first virtual consortium for Africa-based blockchain start-ups, products, and businesses
  • Highly affordable listing charges as an incentive to encourage start-ups to come to the blockchain mainstream
  • A Next of Kin function that guarantees transfer of crypto assets to registered next of kin
  • Multilingual crypto transaction function
  • High-security architecture.

Others will include spot trading as well as providing affordable transactional charges. Having a great deal of impact to be made, that’s not all.


The towering limitations on African blockchain products, start-ups, and businesses as it relates to their inability to get listed on global Exchange platforms spurred the Afridex Exchange dream; one that envisaged the creation of a platform for the tokenization of products and startups by ensuring that Africa-based projects are easily listed. Our Exchange will come to be a frontline in determining the credibility of an African project for investment purposes.


$AFDT is the Afridex governance token. Other than the obvious price appreciation angle, other reasons you should hold the AFRIDEX token include:

  • There would be a 50% discount on transaction fees for users who use the AFDT token to pay their transaction fees
  • The AFRIDEX exchange would host launchpads, IDO’s and IGO’s for innovative, disruptive, and groundbreaking new projects, and only holders of the $AFDT token would be able to participate in these product launch events.
  • $AFDT holders would have access to a portion of the profits from the AFRIDEX exchange in the form of dividends distributed to token holders in proportion to their holdings
  • $AFDT holders would also be able to have a say in the affairs and the strategic direction of the AFRIDEX ecosystem through the governance structure
  • $AFDT holders would also be eligible to earn various airdrops, bonuses, and giveaways provided by the AFRIDEX ecosystem.

To purchase $AFDT tokens, sign up via


To meet our Twenty Thousand (20,000) active users target, we are raising Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000). As such, we’re open to investment funding. To invest with Afridex, you can forward a mail to or contact us on Twitter.

We’re eager to explore the potential of the Afridex dream with you. Come, let’s build the future of finance together!

Exchange is LIVE via




A Defi Blockchain Company, using decentralized solutions to revolutionize finance in Africa.

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AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

A Defi Blockchain Company, using decentralized solutions to revolutionize finance in Africa.

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