• The first virtual consortium for Africa-based blockchain start-ups, products, and businesses
  • Highly affordable listing charges as an incentive to encourage start-ups to come to the blockchain mainstream
  • A Next of Kin function that guarantees transfer of crypto assets to registered next of kin
  • Multilingual crypto transaction function
  • High-security architecture.
  • There would be a 50% discount on transaction fees for users who use the AFDT token to pay their transaction fees
  • The AFRIDEX exchange would host launchpads, IDO’s and IGO’s for innovative, disruptive, and groundbreaking new projects, and only holders of the $AFDT token would be able to participate in these product launch events.
  • $AFDT holders would have access to a portion of the profits from the AFRIDEX exchange in the form of dividends distributed to token holders in proportion to their holdings
  • $AFDT holders would also be able to have a say in the affairs and the strategic direction of the AFRIDEX ecosystem through the governance structure
  • $AFDT holders would also be eligible to earn various airdrops, bonuses, and giveaways provided by the AFRIDEX ecosystem.



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AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

A Defi Blockchain Company, using decentralized solutions to revolutionize finance in Africa.