3 Side Hustles in the Blockchain Industry You can Jump on Right Away

Learn to Earn

Here's how it works:

  1. Build a portfolio. You can create a portfolio of 3-5 written pieces on hot cryptocurrency topics on Medium or LinkedIn.
  2. Take a course on digital marketing or community management. This is somehow a required skill for writers in the industry.
  3. Apply for cryptocurrency jobs on job boards like cryptocurrencyjobs.co, cryptojobslist.com, and laborx.com.

Crypto Trading

  1. Trade histories will repeat themselves. The charts are always speaking. You only need to pay attention to past trends.
  2. You like faster when you interact with like minds. Associate with fellow traders who have a track record of high success rates.
  3. You can learn from others. Take a course on crypto trading. Identify and listen to proven crypto traders.
  4. Do your own research. While listening to experts is advisable, you mustn’t agree with all they say about new projects.

Yield Farming

  1. Liquidity farming. You can be a liquidity farmer.
  2. Lending. You can lend your tokens.
  3. Borrowing. You can use one token as collateral to borrow tokens for staking.
  4. Staking.

At Afridex, we educate you on viable opportunities within the blockchain Industry. As a preview of the launch of our EduXtra model, we also provide useful tips on following through to get the best out of the enlisted opportunities.

You can follow us on our social media platforms @afridexfinance to follow through with our activities on blockchain education.



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