Everyone wants to be the diamond hands that hold for 100x but in between these pumps are crazy and healthy corrections that can get traders emotional and have many sell their positions in losses just to avoid further and more complicated losses.

Have you sold an asset before for a cheap price expecting that the market will see the price move downwards only to have the asset so pump big?

Crypto assets valued at high prices and pieces of art selling for thousands of dollars are proof of emotions in crypto trading.

Prices of crypto vary and are driven by…

While cryptocurrencies are believed to be hacked, proofed, and backed by the blockchain with numerous features such as being decentralized, secured. There have been stories of hacks in the past and victims who account for different causes of hacks which range from clicking phishing links, receiving flash tokens in their wallets, and cases of people gaining illegal access to their wallets and transferring out their funds.

There are different ways to lose your funds. One of these ways could be sending your assets to the wrong wallet address and this could be impossible or difficult to recover.

Below are ways…

Blockchain as a tool for innovations has cut across so many industries and has changed perspective about finance from removing central system and bringing more bank fewer people on board, it has also made it easy for cross border payment all further allow businesses in a process converts their rights, benefits to a particular unit of value, assets, shares, and equity into digital tokens that can easily be exchanged and accessed by crypto users.

And just like buying stocks and shares in businesses and startups, tokenization helps brands in selling ownership stakes in publicly traded and private business corporations that…

We know you’ve got questions as regards how this is possible, but you’re here to find these questions and many more in your mind.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter sold his first-ever tweet on his platform with bids starting with 80 thousand dollars and eventually sold for an equivalent of $2.9m. Yeah! Non-fungible tokens can be that crazy, while this is not just about a piece of art, most tokens like Sand, Axie infinity, and other Non-fungible tokens have witnessed a massive uptrend in price with more and more people looking out to be part of the Non-fungible market. …

Has it ever bothered you what happens to your digital assets in your wallet when you’re gone, will friends and family be able to get access to your assets or is it gone? Owned by the CEX or inaccessible from your non-custodial wallets? Let’s find out together.

With increasing adoption for cryptocurrency over fiats which the world is used to, investors often get worried about what happens to their digital assets when they are gone. In 2020, a study by the Cremation Institute showed that nearly 90% of crypto holders worry about what happens to their assets when they are…

AFRIDEX, a blockchain company that develops solutions to address issues in the financial industry caused by faults in centralized institutions, will be launching an Exchange for tokenizing products and startups.

The AFRIDEX’s exchange will help organizations that must have gone through the process of verification and incubation to access start-up funding. This platform will support trading of high cap crypto tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to name a few amongst others with real use cases, strong communities, and offering great value to be on board in an unbiased system.

It is believed that this will provide crypto communities and venture…

We are going to show you how to buy $AFDT in this guide. The process involved is straightforward. Our website is designed to be user-friendly.

Step 1: Log in to the ICO Launchpad website (https://www.afridex.org/sign-up).

Step 2: Fill in the dialogue box as shown in the image below you are to register with your email address and a unique password which should not be compromised. You are expected to confirm the password again. After completing these activities, click on signup.

The world of finance is evolving as technology is changing how things are done globally. Cryptocurrency has become a mainstream topic generating conversations worldwide. In 2017, Bitcoin was the second most searched word on Google’s Global news category. Therefore, knowing how this innovation works and how to take advantage of it is of great importance. This article shares with you what cryptocurrencies are, and how you can invest in them. However, before we get into details on how and why you should invest in cryptocurrencies, let’s understand what cryptocurrencies are.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset or currency. It was invented…

Peer to peer is a word that is popular in the financial world. And for crypto enthusiasts whose country’s government has banned the trading of cryptocurrency in their country, the word “Peer to Peer” is not strange.

Nigeria has the third-largest transaction volume of Bitcoin in the world after the USA and Russia. The transaction and adoption skyrocketed despite the ban of cryptocurrency by the Apex bank in the country, the central bank of Nigeria. The secret is the adoption of peer to peer by the teaming young digital population.

Peer-to-peer is the medium of transferring money via digital means…

We are in a digital world and the probability of coming across the word “Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is very high. Then you might have been wondering, what is an ICO? In layman’s terms, it refers to the process of raising money, similar to an IPO in the stock exchange. This might seem okay to simplify it to the minimum comprehensible level.

Technically in cryptocurrency term;

‘’An initial coin offering (ICO) is the technical term used by cryptocurrency enthusiast to define a new digital asset launched into the cryptocurrency ecosystem”

There are a lot of ICOs that are being launched…

AFRIDEX Techlabs Ltd

A Defi Blockchain Company, using decentralized solutions to revolutionize finance in Africa.

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